Partners are committed in making available for schools, families, experts working in the field of education innovative products, among them:

  • Participatory research on wellbeing at school, with new indications about pupils’ perception of learning environments, their emotional and life competences and learning styles
  • Pedagogical practices and tools with an experimentation protocol, to implement inclusive pedagogies for improving pupils’ emotional and social competences
  • Training curricula, courses and educational toolkits for teachers and parents, outlining models for the enhancement of emotional and social competences in pupils
  • Learning communities and stakeholder fora, to exchange methodologies, tools, experiences, enhancing the co-creation of effective educational models
  • Recommendations for the implementation of the reference policy in EU Member States
  • Testing and assessment formats and tools, to share the experimentation phases and to compare results and impacts
  • Educational networks, at national and European level, focused on the primary school contexts
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